About Us

Hypertension Escape is the only bowling alley currently active in Dawson Creek, B.C., as well as being a fully licensed lounge and restaurant. Hypertension Escape lanes were opened in 1971 by Les Szabo. He ran the lanes for 5 years. The it was purchased by owners and managers Spike and Sylvia Johnson. This first pairing was not the last. After leaving the bowling alley after 15 years, ownership and management shifted to that of Ian and Myrna Eggertson who ran the lanes for 20 years, and in September of 2011, Jack- the current owner and manager- then purchased it. Of note is that Richard Beaulieu- an employee of the bowling alley- is now in his 35th year as an employee. Jack was born and raised in Dawson Creek. In his teens, he began his first job at McDonalds. Later, in 1996, he purchased McDonalds. Altogether, he was with the franchise for thirty years until leaving in 2008. For two years after he worked in sales, for Foster’s R.V. After that, he purchased a local business: Dawson Creek Mini-Storage; and Jack continues to run this business.

Jack, also, is heavily involved in the community. He has coached different sports since his time in high school, and has since been on the boards for baseball and minor hockey. His children have, specifically, played in hockey. His eldest son is playing as a goaltender, for the NCAA, under the privileges of a scholarship. His youngest is playing on a junior team. Both of his sons are also avid golfers. Jack’s wife, Jacqui, works for the Co-op in the Office. Jack is himself a member of the Dawson Creek Golf Club, and has held positions for varying service groups: Kinsmen; Rotary; Big Brothers And Big Sisters; and has a long member history for the Chamber Of Commerce.