Bowling Glossary

  • No Tap Game – means if all pins fall except one the corner 2 pins on your first ball it counts as a strike in every frame. There are single doubles and triple formats of this game.
  • 3,6,9 Game – means you get a strike in the 3rd 6th and 9th frame.
  • Pins over Average (POA) – like a handicap in golf so if you enter a tournament and you average is 150 and you bowl 175 you would be 25 pins to the good. This format is can be used with all varieties of games above.
  • Scratch -Just best score with no Handicaps used.
  • Turkey – means three strikes in arrow.
  • Perfect game – in 5 pin means a score of 450 or 12 strikes in a row.
  • Strike – is a score of 15 plus what you get on the next two balls you throw. (Shows on screen as a X.)
  • Spare – is a score of 15 plus what you throw on your next ball (shows As/).
  • Headpin – striking and only hitting the middle pin (5 points and shows asH).
  • Split – striking headpin and either right or left 3 pin only (8 points and shows as S).
  • Chop Off– striking headpin three pin and two pin either side (10 points and shows as C).
  • 13 count – striking all pins down except either two pin (will show as either R or L depending what pin is left standing).
  • Aces – means leave both 2 pins standing (score of 11 and shows as A).
  • Super spare – if you make a spare of Aces, Splits, or A headpin.
  • Gutterball – means ball hits no pins and falls into the gutter of the lane.
  • Donkey – means everyone you were bowling with either got a spare or strike which is called a mark and you didn’t.
  • Check Frame – means everyone got a mark in that frame. Strike or spare.
  • Bingo Game – speed version of bowling trying to get a variety of different scores i.e. headpins, strikes, spares, aces.