BC Lotteries

The Hypertension Escape Bowling Centre is a full service BC Lottery Outlet offing up a number of games of chance. These include:

  • LOTTO MAX – TAKE YOUR DREAMS TO THE MAX – MAXimize your Friday night excitement with LOTTO MAX, the nationwide lottery with weekly jackpots that start at $10 million. When the jackpot reaches $50 million, the game offers MAXMILLIONS, giving you the chance to win additional prizes of $1 million. Don’t forget to say “Yes” to the Extra for the chance to win an extra $500,000.
  • LOTTO 649 – Welcome to cloud 649 – Your dreams could be just a draw away with Lotto 6/49, the nationwide lottery that gives you two chances every week to turn your dreams into reality. Jackpots start at $3 million and grow until they are won. Be sure to say “Yes” to the Extra for the chance to win $500,000. You could be one step closer to bringing your dreams to life.
  • BC/49 – Yet another reason to love living in B.C. – BC/49 is available exclusively in B.C. and gives you two chances every week to win $2 million. BC/49 costs just $1 per selection and draws take place every Wednesday and Saturday. When you’re buying a ticket, say “Yes” to the Extra for the chance to win $500,000.
  • PULL TABS – Tonight, Pull Tabs could pay your tab – Take your night to the next level with the simple fun of Pull Tabs. Available at most local bars and pubs in BC, Pull Tabs give you the chance to win quick cash for only 50¢ or $1 per ticket.
  • SPORTS ACTION – Intensify the thrill of the big game with Sports Action – Every twist, turn and tackle is more meaningful when you have something riding on it. You’ll cheer harder. You’ll watch from the edge of your seat. But the agony of anticipation will make your victory taste that much sweeter. Bet on it.
  • SPORTS FUNDER 50/50 – More players, bigger prizes.– If you’ve ever played 50/50 at a sporting event, you know how this game works. Buy a SportsFunder 50/50 ticket for only $1 and get the chance to win the jackpot. The more people who play, the larger the prize.
  • PACIFIC HOLD’EM POKER – May the best hand win. – Poker has never been more exciting or easier to play. Get a 2-card hand for just $2, and then combine those cards with the 5 shared community cards to create your best possible 5-card poker hand. If your hand beats all of your on-screen opponents’ hands, you win. Got great cards? Raise your bet by $2 increments and you could win even more.
  • KENO – Excitement, every 4 minutes – With draws every 4 minutes, Keno gives players the chance to win up to $100,000 by matching up to 10 numbers from 20 numbers drawn. Say “Yes” to the Keno Bonus for the chance to multiply your winnings by 3, 4, 5 or 10 times. Not a numbers person? Try Keno Pattern Play and match patterns instead.

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